Sunday, February 5, 2012

Amver ships assist in M/V Rabul Queen rescue

13 Amver ships rescued 209 lives in the M/V Rabul Queen sinking near Papua New Guinea. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority provided assistance in the search operation including diverting several commercial vessels, including the Amver participants.

How did Australian officials know what Amver ships were available?


Ships enrolled in the Amver system benefit from a unique relationship with several regional ship reporting systems. Amver exchanges information with the Japanese Ship Reporting System (JASREP), the Australian Ship Reporting System (AUSREP), the Chilean Ship Reporting System (CHILREP), and the U.S. Maritime Administration (MAREP), so reports need only be made to any one system. These partnerships save lives, as demonstrated by the Rabul Queen case.

Saving lives

Somewhere, an Amver ship saves a life every 33 hours. In the last few days, 209 lives were saved. Congratulations to the following Amver participants that responded to the call and saved lives.
  • M/V MOL SUMMER- rescued 116 people
  • M/V MSC CAROLE-   rescued 53 people
  • M/V VIOLET- rescued 31 people
  • M/V CAP SCOTT- rescued 9 people
  • M/V ALCEM LUGAIT- diverted
  • M/V KWANGTUNG- diverted
  • M/V H.C. OASIS- diverted
  • M/V LILY FORTUNE- diverted
  • M/V CORAL RUBY- diverted
  • M/V VEGA FYNEN- diverted
  • M/V KYOWA ORCHID- diverted
All of the vessels that responded can be proud of their accomplishments. Well done.

Graphic courtesy of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority


Anonymous said...

God bless all the men and women,who, in their hearts and minds, stand ready to respond to AMVER cries of help, wether they actually ever get to or not. Feel good about yourselves !!!
-- U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliarist

Amver Maritime Relations said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, shipmate! The Coast Guard Auxiliary provides an equally important service.