Monday, February 13, 2012

Amver ship rescues French sailor near Cuba

A French yachtsman was rescued by an Amver ship 35 miles southeast of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba after abandoning his sinking sailboat on February 4, 2012.

The Frenchman reported he hit a rock earlier on the morning of  February 4th and his sailboat began to sink. He activated his emergency beacon and abandoned the sailboat into a life raft. The yachtsman also radioed a passing commercial ship which turned out to be the Amver participating freighter, Fuji Bay.

The Captain of the Liberian flagged freighter heard the distress call and maneuvered the 485 foot freighter alongside the life raft. The crew of the Fuji Bay hoisted the sailor aboard their ship and checked him for injuries. The Frenchman was uninjured and remained with the Fuji Bay until it reached Cristobal, Panama where he arranged to return to France.

The Fuji Bay, managed by the Seatrade Groningen BV, Netherlands, enrolled in Amver in 1990 and has earned participation awards for 15 years.

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