Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Amver ships race to save crew of MSC Flaminia

Amver ships race to save crew of the MSC Flaminia.

On Saturday July 14, 2012 the M/V MSC Flaminia sent a digital selective calling (DSC) alert indicating the ship was on fire and the crew was abandoning into life rafts setting into motion an incredible search and rescue effort involving a flotilla of Amver ships and multiple rescue coordination centers.

The U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area rescue coordination center received the call and immediately forwarded the details to rescue officials in Falmouth, UK. The Amver participating vessels MSC Stella, DS Crown, and Stolt Creativity also agreed to divert and assist the crew of the Flaminia, who were in life rafts approximately 900 miles west-south-west of Falmouth, UK.

After arriving on the scene the Bahamian flagged tanker DS Crown assumed Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator and began taking survivors aboard. The DS Crown eventually embarked 21 survivors and is bringing them to Falmouth. The MSC Stella rescued the three most seriously injured crewmen and is taking them to the Azores. Rescue coordination center Delgada is making arrangements for a helicopter to rendezvous with the MSC Stella to evacuate the injured survivors. One crewman remains missing.

The MSC Flaminia was left adrift and salvage operations are underway.

The DS Crown, managed by Frontline Management AS, enrolled in the Amver system on May 11, 2000 and has earned 8 Amver participation awards. The MSC Stella, managed by MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA, enrolled on October 20, 2009.

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