Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From the Amver Archives- Amver awards program to begin

This comes to you from the Amver Bulletin 11/12-70 and announces the new Amver wwards program.

As earlier announced, AMVER will begin an awards program at the beginning of 1971 to honor our outstanding participants.

Consisting of a red pennant to be awarded to each vessel, together with certificates of accomplishment, these awards will be presented  to each vessel whose participation in AMVER has been most notable during the year 1970.

Those responsible aboard many vessels have long recognized that by being "on plot," they are making a measurable contribution to their own safety as well as to the safety of those who might need their assistance in an emergency. Through accounts in the AMVER Bulletin it as been possible to recognize those vessels who, participating in AMVER, have been able to receive or render aid in a rescue incident. At the same time there are hundreds of other vessels whose frequent participation in AMVER represents a fine contribution through the safety potential they add to the system.

These vessels have, so to speak, proceeded on their ways unnoticed and unremarked.

It will be a pleasure to honor those vessels whose masters' foresight has kept them regularly on plot. Already hundreds of vessels have qualified. Vessels to be recognizeed will be contacted via their owners and/or agents regarding further details. Will you be one of the distinguished group?

The Amver awards program has grown up. Today blue pennants are given to ships for their participation and other opportunities are available for vessels that perform rescues.

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