Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Amver Information Provided For Air France Search

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The Amver system was called into action this week when an Air France jetliner went missing in the Atlantic Ocean. While commercial ships participating in the program expect to be called upon to search for fellow mariners in distress there are occasions where they are also enlisted to search for missing aircraft. In fact, Amver participants may also be called upon to assist in an emergency ditching of the Space Shuttle or NASA's new space craft, Orion.

United States Coast Guard search and rescue authorities from the Atlantic Area Command Center provided Amver surface picture information to rescue authorities in France. While it is difficult to tell if France diverted any commercial ships, it should be reassuring knowing Amver ships stand ready to assist in any maritime emergency.

Search and rescue authorities can learn how to request Amver data from the United States Coast Guard here.

Are you on an Amver ship? Have you diverted for an aircraft emergency?

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