Friday, June 5, 2009

Rescue Flotilla 1

On the eve of June 6, 1944 the United States Coast Guard was ordered by President Roosevelt to provide search and rescue for Operation Overload. It was Rescue Flotilla 1 that provided this service and rescued over 1,400 men.

On a recent trip to Poole, United Kingdom, Amver had the opportunity to tour the Royal National Lifeboat Institute Lifeboat College. While we were there we learned of a little known memorial to Rescue Flotilla 1 on the quay in Poole. We headed down to the water and found this beautiful memorial plaque.

Poole, UK Coast Guard plaque

While admiring the plaque some local towns people told us that St. James' Church had an American flag on display. The story, according to locals, is that a coxswain of one of the Flotilla boats gave it to the Vicar on the eve of the invasion and asked for prayers for his crew. The flag still hangs in the church today.

U.S. Ensign

On the eve of D-Day let's take a moment to remember our brave men of Rescue Flotilla 1 and the lives they saved.

Do you have memories of D-Day? Did you serve with any Flotilla members? Share your story with us.

Photo credit: from the private collection of Mr. Benjamin Strong


Mike Licht, said...

My Dad, Philip Licht (1920-1968) was a Gunner's Mate on one of the wood-hulled 83-footers of RESFLO One.

Read more about the operation at:

Cruise News said...

Nice writeup. Very nice Memorial Plaque dedicated to Rescue Flotilla 1. 1,400 lives saved! Wow!

Amver Maritime Relations said...

Thank you, Mike, for the comment and additional link. Our trip to Poole was amazing and the townspeople all spoke so fondly of the Coast Guard men that were there. They truly were the greatest generation.

Unknown said...

I was CMoMM of CG83464(CG43) of Resflo 1, assigned to Juno Beach on 6/6/44---with a fellow CG, John(Jack) Campbell, a GM3c on CG83490(CG49)we put our heads together inj 1992 and decided to put a plaque on the Poole Quay in remembrance of the CG Rescue Flotilla 1----Jack did the legwork to get the plaque cast and I had the honor of writing the words of the inscription---many CGs helped pay he cost along with a number ofothers who helped get the item shipped to England in time for the 50th Anniversary of D-Day (6'6'1994)--some English people had it mounted on the Purbeck stone, trucked to the Quay and setup for the Memorial Services--USCG sent the cutter CGC Dallas, Captain Hull Commanding, and the CG Band who gave an evening concert for the Poole Townspeople at the local Auditorium---my dear friend JC 'passed the bar' in Dec. 2008 and is sorely missed---I am proud to have had a part in this lasting reminder of USCG Rescue Flotilla 1 service during WW2----Semper Paratus

veryuseful said...

Thank you for your service and for your work in preserving the memory of the service of your shipmates. Bravo Zulu!