Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Soren Larsen Amver Rescue Update

You may recall the case of the training ship Soren Larsen, with 21 people on board, which was taking on water off the coast of New Zealand. Rescue officials from Rescue Coordination Center New Zealand used the online Amver surface picture request to locate and divert the Wilhemsen owned M/V Tarago to assist the stricken tall ship. Learn how your rescue coordination center can request Amver data here.

Stormy Seas

Photo credit: The crew of the M/V Tarago

Rescue Operations

According to the crew of the Tarago they received a request to assist from RCC New Zealand on June 1 about 8:20 ship's time. Within two hours they were on the scene assessing the situation and providing communications back to New Zealand rescue authorities. The Tarago reported there was considerable wind damage and the deckhouse had been demolished. The Soren Larsen was continuing to take on water.

Rescue helicopters lowered dewatering pumps to the Soren Larsen as it fought to control the incoming water. The Soren Larsen was able to control the incoming water, and under the watchful eye of the giant car carrier, sailed to the nearest port for repairs.

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Photo credit: Wilhemsen Shipping

This case demonstrates the global nature of Amver. There are few places Amver vessels cannot reach and as more vessels enroll in Amver, the likelihood an Amver vessel will be near a distress increases.

Have you sailed on the Soren Larsen? Are you part of the Tarago crew? Tell us your story.

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Wilhelmsen Seafarer said...

I was onboard the M/V Tarago when this incident took place on the 1st, 2nd of June. Shortly after the distress relay came through and when we realized that we would be the only vessel at the distress scene, we quickly began preparing the rescue boat while the galley crew prepared as many empty cabins as were available so as we could accommodate the crew and passengers of the soren larsen if need be. When we were instructed by RCC New Zealand to escort the Larsen back to New Zealand, we were more than happy to do so and were pleased to be of assistance to the stricken sail ship.

Anonymous said...

I was on board the Soren when it all happened and i have to say thanks to all on the M/V Tarago it was of great comfort to see you circling us as we slowly made our way to

Amver Maritime Relations said...

Great comments from both sides of the rescue. Thank you Wilhelmsen Seafarer for providing your assessement of the situation. Thanks, too, to the passenger on board the Soren Larsen for your perspective as well. It is always refreshing to hear from our customers.

We are pleased the passengers on board the Soren made it to shore safely and we are proud one of our participating ships was available to assist.


The Amver Team