Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amver Ship Saves Refugees

The Amver participating ship SKS Trinity rescued nine Algerian refugees from their capsized boat off the coast of Spain on June 17th. Despite the dramatic rescue one refugee died after the rescue.

According to Captain Vladimir Bugrimov, master of the Norwegian flagged ship, his crew sighted a small wooden boat with 1o people aboard. Within minutes of finding the men their boat capsized. With winds blowing between 20 and 25 knots and seas of 8 feet, Captain Bugrimov knew time was of the essence.


A small wooden boat with Algerian refugees spotted by the M/V SKS Trinity off the coast of Spain.

To The Rescue

Captain Bugrimov immediately sounded the man overboard alarm and crew began heaving flotation devices into the water. He broadcast the man overboard to all ships in the vicinity, notified local search and rescue authorities and had the crew launch their rescue boat.

A rescue boat from the SKS Trinity launched to rescue survivors.

As the crewmen of the Trinity were rescuing the refugees, search and rescue authorities on shore coordinated their response. A rescue helicopter was launched and the Cartagena search and rescue vessel Slavamar Mimosa raced to assist.

The survivors were taken aboard the Trinity and given first aid, clothing, food, water and transferred to the rescue vessel Salvamar Mimosa for transport to shore. The SKS Trinity, an Amver participant since February, 1999, earned its 10 year participation award this year and continues to actively report to the Amver system.

Refugees safely aboard the SKS Trinity.

We are grateful to the crew of the SKS Trinity for their fast work and quick thinking. Their actions resulted in the rescue of nine lives. We also applaud K. G. Jebsen Skipsrederi for the company's commitment to safety at sea by enrolling their vessels in the Amver system.

Has your ship encountered refugees?

Photo credit: Crew of the M/V SKS Trinity

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