Thursday, April 8, 2010

AIS- more than collision aviodance?

NASA Blue Marble

Ryan Skinner has an interesting post referencing a BIMCO piece about AIS vessel tracking and the implications that may have on the maritime sector. While some may tout the benefits of satellite based AIS tracking, the reality of full world fleet tracking may not be fully implemented yet.

Some argue that AIS would spell the end of Amver. We say Amver is a tool. When Amver is coupled with other tools such as AIS, LRIT, fishing vessel monitoring programs and other regional vessel tracking schemes, paints a more complete picture for search and rescue purposes.

Ryan digs a little deeper and looks beyond the obvious benefits of AIS- collision avoidance and search and rescue. He asks what the business implications (or advantages) of AIS might be. Mr. Skinner speculates information aficionados may find a treasure trove of data when global vessel tracking becomes a reality.

Since this isn't a business blog we'll get back to maritime safety. Your ships can increase the likelihood they are available for search and rescue authorities by enrolling in Amver. Any by the way, our data isn't for sale to shipping or business analysts!

Do you know of anyone exploiting AIS data for business purposes?

Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video

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