Friday, April 9, 2010

Amver ship rescues 13 from burning fishing vessel

The United States Coast Guard Eleventh District Command Center recently received a 406 EPIRB alert 315 miles south east of Acapulco, Mexico and immediately diverted several Amver vessels. In addition to the Amver ships, a Coast Guard C-130 aircraft from Joint Interagency Task Force South was also diverted.

It was the cargo ship Ocean Honey, however, that arrive on the scene and plucked 13 fishermen from the water after their fishing boat, the Ta Fu #2 burned and sank. The Hong Kong flagged cargo ship enrolled in the Amver system in 1995. While the Ocean Honey is credited for the rescue, the M/V Umberto D'Amato, an Italian flagged Amver participant, was also diverted to assist.

Fortunately a sister ship of the fishing vessel was near the distress location and the Honey Ocean was able to transfer the 13 survivors to their sister ship.

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