Monday, April 5, 2010

Does shipping need a celebrity?


We have often joked around the Amver office that until a celebrity's ship sinks at sea we will always have a tough time getting ourselves noticed in the mainstream media. We haven't come close to having a celeb rescued yet, which is probably a good thing.

But Lloyd's List recently blogged from CMA Shipping 2010 about the need for a celebrity, or more specifically a Richard Branson figure- someone to draw in regulators, politicians, and the media like a moth does to a flame. There just isn't one yet.

What do you think? Who could bring positive attention to shipping? Donald Trump, Steve Forbes, or Martha Stewart?

In our view it's you the Amver participant that is the celebrity. Enrolling in the Amver system elevates you to super star status in the eyes of the people rescued each year. Now if we could just rescue Ivanka Trump if she were in distress at sea!

Photo credit: tobybarnes

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