Monday, April 12, 2010

Amver assists in dramatic Pacific rescue

The Amver program contributed to a dramatic rescue 3,000 miles east southeast of Hawaii with the thanks of the Amver participating container ship CAP PALMERSTON, a Coast Guard C-130 and four United States Air Force Pararescuemen.

Coast Guard and Air Force rescue personnel, working in partnership with the Amver vessel CAP PALMERSTON, work together to save a 56 year old sailor when he suffered serious injuries 3,000 miles east southeast of Hawaii April 2.

On April 2nd a 406 EPIRB alert was received from a location approximately 3,000 miles east southeast of Honolulu, Hawaii. Five people on the sailboat Wind Child I sent out a mayday reporting a seriously injured crew member. The United States Coast Guard Pacific Area Command Center immediately queried the Amver system looking for enrolled in ships. The CAP PALMERSTON was the closest ship prompting rescue authorities to divert the vessel to assist. In addition to the Amver vessel, rescue personnel contacted a Coast Guard C-130 to deliver a special Air Force Pararescue team to administer medical care.

As the CAP PALMERSTON sailed towards the distress location a medical team from the California Air National Guard's 129th rescue wing flew to the distress location prepared for the worst. The 129th Rescue Wing, with its elite Air Force Pararescuemen, is prepared to care for any medical situation. The rescue team boarded a Coast Guard C-130 aircraft and parachuted down to the sailboat with 4 "PJs", an inflatable zodiac boat, and an array of medical equipment.

Air Force Pararescuemen prepare to jump from a Coast Guard C-130 to rescue an injured sailor 3,000 miles east southeast of Hawaii (USCG photo).

Pararescuemen from the 129th Rescue Wing approach the sailboat Wind Chill I after the crew issued a mayday 3,000 miles east southeast of Hawaii.

When the Liberian flagged container ship arrived on scene the crew embarked the injured yachtsman and the rescue crew and sailed towards a rendezvous with a rescue helicopter near the ship's next port of call in Mexico. The CAP PALMERSTON enrolled in the Amver system on August 23, 2007.

Exciting isn't it? Your vessel could be the next ship featured in a story like this by simply enrolling in the Amver system.

Rescue Video:

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Additional photos of the rescue can be found on our Flickr page.

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Photo credit: Unless otherwise noted all photos courtesy of the United States Air Force

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