Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Attending the EPPR working group meeting of the Arctic Council

Amver is attending the Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response Working Group meeting of the Arctic Council this week in Vorkuta, Russia. The meeting is being hosted by EMERCOM, the Russian Federation version of the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency. Our meetings are being held at the Branch of the Saint Petersburg University of Mines in Vorkuta.

Here are some photos of our reception in Vorkuta.

Some of the agenda items we intend to discuss include:
  • Opening of the Arctic Seas review of the University of New Hampshire report.
  • Search and rescue project proposal.
  • Prepositioning of emergency equipment.
  • Managing cold situations in emergency relief.
  • Russian Sea Rescue Service.
  • EPPR participation in PAME's Arctic Ocean Review.
So that's a taste of what we will be doing here in Russia.

Photo credit: Ben Strong

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