Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An overdue thank you note

Things at Amver would never get done without the help and dedication of two people. I consider myself lucky to work with two very capable women.

Beverly Howard and Vjollca Nikci are two of the best co-workers anyone could ask for. The past year would never have been a success without them. Thank you girls for making this job so easy.

The U.S. Amver awards ceremony wouldn't have been a success without the help of another strong woman in the maritime community. Carleen Lyden-Kluss. Thank you Carleen for making the awards a success for everyone involved.

Finally, Clay Maitland and Will Watson have been staunch supporters of Amver through the years. Without their assistance and support we never would have been able to relaunch the U.S. Amver awards. Thank you Clay and Will for seeing the value in bringing the awards back to Washington, DC.

From left to right: Benjamin Strong, Carleen Lyden-Kluss, Beverly Howard, Vjollca Nikci

Clay Maitland and Will Watson

Photo credit: USCG photos by Beverly Howard

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