Saturday, June 5, 2010

Who's blogging at Posidonia 2010

The Amver team is on the ground and suffering insomnia at Posidonia 2010. Come see us in the United States Pavilion, stand 450/11. Wait, does anyone actually sleep this week in Greece? Not likely, unless you count cat naps. Or maybe that's why the exhibition starts at 1000 each day!

Seriously, however, if you want to keep track of what is being done between cocktail receptions you should probably check the following blogs daily.
One clever bit of advertising we noticed cabbing our way from the airport was a larger than life billboard alerting passersby that Tradewinds will be sharing the good, bad, and gossip of Posidonia in their paper.

Who else is reporting from Posidonia? We don't know yet but suspect Ship Management International, Safety at Sea International, and other maritime standards will all have their say.

You can also follow the fun on Twitter with either hashtag #posidonia.

Who do you turn to for news from Greece?

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