Thursday, June 10, 2010

International search effort saves 4 sailors

Hog's Back Life Ring - looking down

The combined efforts of Rescue Coordination Center Falmouth, the United States Coast Guard, and the Amver system resulted in four yachtsmen being rescued from their sinking boat on Thursday June 10th.

MRCC Falmouth, using the online surface picture request form, asked for assistance in locating Amver participants near the location of the sailing yacht Octagon. According to Captain Zaw Aung, of the MTM Princess, they were notified by British rescue authorities of the location of the sinking Octagon. The MTM Princess, a Marshall Island flagged tanker, enrolled in the Amver system June 1, 2009.

The on scene weather conditions prevented the MTM Princess from safely approaching the Octagon on the first rescue attempt. According to Captain Aung the winds were in excess of 30 knots, visability was 7 miles, and the sea state was "rough".

On the second rescue attempt the MTM Princess was able to tie up the Octagon and rescue the four sailors, all of whom are in good health. Captain Aung's crew is evaluating the foursome and they will disembark at the MTM Princess's next port call; Santander, Spain.

Photo credit: RobMan170

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