Monday, July 19, 2010

Amver awards in Bermuda

Berumuda Amver Awards

The United States Consulate in Bermuda hosted an Amver awards ceremony recently to recognize the seven Bermuda shipping companies nine ships earning awards. In all, there were a combined 45 years of service represented by the award winning vessels.

Companies earning awards included Container Ship Management, Frontline, Gearbulk Pool, Golden Ocean Group, Nordic American Tanker Shipping, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Berumuda), and Teekay Shipping.

The Royal Gazette reported United States Consul General Grace Shelton stated "It is always a pleasure to focus attention on the good that can come from working together to achieve a common result, and that is especially true when lives are at stake on the high seas. The success of Amver is the direct result of ships like yours that put safety first. Your participation in Amver is another example of the partnership between not only the United States and Bermuda, but also among ships around the world."

Your ship could be earning Amver awards. Simply enroll in the network and report at least 128 days in a year. Then you start earning awards!

Photo credit: U.S. Consulate Bermuda

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