Friday, July 9, 2010

Eagle Beaumont rescues sailor

The M/V Eagle Beaumont
What started as a typical sailing voyage ended up as an Amver rescue for one lucky sailor last month.  At 5:30 am on June 10th, a lone yachtsman on the 37 foot sailboat Elysium alerted passing ships and rescue authorities his boat was disabled with broken rigging and beset by weather approximately 150 miles east of Barnegat, NJ.  Winds were gusting over 29 knots and seas were 6 feet.

The Singapore flagged tanker Eagle Beaumont, managed by AET Ship Management, answered the call and diverted to assist the stricken sailor.  The Eagle Beaumont was on the scene of the distress in just over an hour.  In addition to rescuing the sailor, the crew tried to hoist the stricken sailboat aboard their vessel.  Unfortunately the hoist was unsuccessful and the drifting sailboat was marked a hazard to navigation.  The sailor was not injured in the ordeal.

The Eagle Beaumont, a 99,000 dwt Aframax tanker, enrolled in the Amver system in 1996.  The sailor was taken to the port of Philadelphia where he disembarked.

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EMK said...

My name Is Marcelo the sailor rescued from this event. I am very grateful for this distinct and worthy organization. I nearly lost my life and thank God the tanker was there when the mayday was radioed out. Then after words by speaking with a worker of the ship i found out that the tanker had a fire in the engine compartment and therefore the ship delayed 6 hours performing repairs before finding me in trouble. If you believe in God this is certainly a sure event to give Him the credit because otherwise he would not have had found me. Upon resuming trip i was left in philadelphia save and sound. God be praised.
Thank you AMVER, you saved my life. Continue this marvelous work and never take for granted what you do. What you do is the utmost importance and it truly saves lives.

Amver Maritime Relations said...

Thank you for the comment. We are humbled by your story and praise of the Amver program. Your words are an inspiration to us all. We are delighted you are safe and wish you the best in your future endeavors.