Monday, July 26, 2010

Thank you note from Eagle Beaumont survivor

We don't often hear from the survivors rescued by Amver ships. It is a real treat when we do hear. Recently the Amver enrolled tanker, Eagle Beaumont, rescued a sailor off the coast of New Jersey. Here is the note the survivor left on the Amver blog.

My name Is Marcelo the sailor rescued from this event. I am very grateful for this distinct and worthy organization. I nearly lost my life and thank God the tanker was there when the mayday was radioed out. Then after words by speaking with a worker of the ship i found out that the tanker had a fire in the engine compartment and therefore the ship delayed 6 hours performing repairs before finding me in trouble. If you believe in God this is certainly a sure event to give Him the credit because otherwise he would not have had found me. Upon resuming trip I was left in Philadelphia save and sound. God be praised. Thank you AMVER, you saved my life. Continue this marvelous work and never take for granted what you do. What you do is the utmost importance and it truly saves lives.


Eraldo Marcelo Kopp

Photo credit: Fotolia

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