Friday, July 23, 2010

Amver box ship rescues 6 fishermen

Six men aboard the ill fated fishing vessel Tanya Rose were rescued by the Amver participating container ship CSAV Rahue (former Northern Debonair) on July 18, 2010 after their vessel started sinking approximately 475 miles north of Kauai.

United States Coast Guard rescue authorities launched a C-130 from Air Station Barbers Point and queried the Amver system diverting the Liberian flagged container ship. The CSAV Rahue enrolled in the Amver system on November 7, 2007.

According to Captain Budynsky, master of the CSAV Rahu, they had been in contact with the Coast Guard aircraft which dropped dewatering pumps to the sinking fishing boat. Captain Budynsky reported waves were about 6 feet with winds at 8 miles blowing from the east.

The CSAV Rahue maneuvered near the Tanya Rose as the crew abandoned ship into a life raft. Within an hour of abandoning ship, the crew had been rescued by the CSAV Rahue.

The CSAV Rahue, managed by Norddeutsche Reederei H Schuldt of Hamburg, Germany, was able to rendezvous with another fishing vessel and transfer the six survivors to the fishing vessel. The CSAV Rahue continued on its voyage to China.

Below are photos of the rescue events-

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5 Tanya Rose abandoned taking water 1345 LT

7 Survivors 1350 LT

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10 Taking raft <span class=

12 survivors and crew 2000 LT

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Photo credit: crew of the M/V CSAV Rahue

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