Thursday, May 5, 2011

Amver ship diverted to assist Norwegian sailboat

A 43 foot Norwegian sailboat with four people aboard was headed to Antigua when they became disabled approximately 950 nautical miles east south east of Cape Cod, Mass. and notified United States Coast Guard rescue personnel Wednesday May 4, 2011.

The crew said "... the winds and seas are too rough to control the vessel...". Winds were reportedly 45 knots with waves in excess of 15 feet.

Coast Guard personnel diverted the Amver participating tanker Stolt Vinland. The Cayman Island flagged tanker turned towards the distress location when the sailboat captain reported he had some control back and did not require additional assistance. The Coast Guard notified the 33,000 dead weight tanker, managed by Stolt Tankers, they were no longer needed and the Stolt Vinland returned to its original course.

The sailboat crew agreed to say on a two hour communications schedule with rescue authorities and agreed to activate their Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon if they developed any other problems.

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