Wednesday, May 11, 2011

K Line ship rescues Italian sailors

An Amver participating bulker, the Daio Azalea, rescued two Italian sailors early Wednesday morning May 11, 2011 after their 43 foot catamaran sank 900 miles east of Boston. One sailor suffered a minor head injury in the rescue operation.

U.S. Coast Guard rescue personnel received notification from rescue authorities in Rome that the catamaran suffered a broken mast and was taking on water. Coast Guard personnel queried the Amver system and diverted the Panamanian flagged ship to the distress location. The Daio Azalea was only 28 miles from the stricken sailboat.

"We took a big wave and broke our sail and a window," reported one of the sailors on the Stella Cometa. "We are unable to pump water, have our life jackets on and our life raft ready." The weather was deteriorating as waves increased to 15 feet and winds were gusting over 40 knots.

"I have a visual on the vessel," the Captain of the Daio Azalea reported, "but the situation is worsening." The crew of the Daio Azelea found the two sailors in a life raft and began rescue operations. Almost four hours after the Coast Guard learned of the incident the two Italians were safely aboard the 656 foot ship. The catamaran sank.

The Daio Azalea, managed by K Lines of Japan, enrolled in the Amver system in 1995. The survivors will accompany the ship to its next port call in Turkey where Italian authorities will meet the yachtsmen.

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