Friday, May 13, 2011

Smashing success as Amver cruise ship repels pirates- with deck chairs

We never thought we would be writing about an Amver cruise ship defending itself against a ruthless pirate attack with deck chairs but that very scenario unfolded aboard the MSC Melody back in 2009.  The details of the attack came to light after one of the elderly cruise passengers settled a lawsuit with the cruise company.

According to a story in Tradewinds

John and Barbara Jeffrey were with a group socialising on deck late at night when they first spotted a small boat following their liner, then looked on in horror as a pirate attached a rope to a lower deck and began shinning up it. The holidaymakers threw everything they could at the man and he finally fell into the sea when a German hit him with a flying deckchair. 

We certainly don't advocate the use of furniture as a means of thwarting pirate attacks. In fact, the U.S. Maritime Administration offers a good helping of best practices that ships should use when sailing through pirate infested waters. In the meantime, keep calm and carry on!

Photo credit: Fotolia

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