Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amver ship assist sailor

An Amver ship, a SPOT beacon, a concerned family member, and some sharp search and rescue professionals (you know, those unsung heroes) helped a lone sailor who was in distress approximately 750 miles east south east of Cape Cod, Mass.

It all started when U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue authorities at the First District Command Center were notified by a concerned family member who received a SPOT alert of a possible distress at sea. "We are not in life threatening danger, but could use help/assistance," the message to the family stated. 

Wheels in motion

Recognizing the challenge of getting search and rescue resources to the 42 foot sailboat, U.S. Coast Guard rescue personnel quickly queried the Amver system and identified the BW Hudson, a 748 foot Panamanian flagged tanker, and requested they change course to the stricken sailboat. Captain Eldred Coelho, master of the BW Hudson, quickly put his crew on alert and made best speed to the distress location.

Captain Coelho was only 150 miles away from the sailboat. Upon arriving alongside the disabled craft, he notified the Coast Guard and transferred five 20 liter cans of diesel. The skipper of the sailboat said he felt certain the boat was still seaworthy and could complete a transit to Halifax. Captain Coelho made sure the yachtsman had a Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon and radioed critical information back to the Coast Guard. Once the fuel transfer and welfare checks were complete the BW Hudson continued on its voyage.

Coast Guard search and rescue personnel passed along the pertinent information to rescue personnel in Halifax who will take over the case.

Photo credit: marinetraffic.com

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