Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome Wednesday!

The "ships" just keep on coming. Yes, that's our lame attempt at trying to rhyme with the hits just keep on coming. Perhaps we'll stick to our day job of managing the Amver system!

In the meantime we want to honor the last batch of vessels to enroll in the Amver system. Shipping and sailing are serious business and nobody knows that better than the brave men and women who make going to sea their profession. We hope you take some time out to thank them.

Naming their vessels here is our small way of saying thanks! So, help us thank (and welcome) the latest additions to the Amver safety network.

  •          CONTI PYRIT            
  •          ZAMPA BLUE             
  •          SARAH                  
  •          APJ JAI                
  •          ULUSOY 11              
  •          VOS PIONEER            
  •          FIVE STARS FUJIAN      
  •          G WHALE                
  •          CSC CRYSTAL            
  •          OCEANIC INDIGO         
  •          ORIENT DEFENDER        
  •          ZAKHER CROWN           
  •          SHUNWA                 
  •          BRAVE SAILOR           
  •          SHIMANAMI QUEEN        
  •          MARIE ELISE            
  •          MERCURIUS              
  •          DEAN ANDREW            
  •          HOS SANDSTORM          
  •          SUNNY YOUNG            
  •          BULK PERU              
  •          OCEAN ZIRCON           
  •          SAKURA OCEAN           
  •          CSAV LLUTA             
  •          TAICANG DRAGON         
  •          MARITIME KING          
  •          FORTALEZA KNUTSEN      
  •          CLIPPER LANCER         
  •          DISCOVERER INDIA        
Don't forget to check out the Amver podcast, the Quarterdeck!

Photo credit: Fotolia

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