Monday, June 27, 2011

IMO Election

This morning the International Maritime Organization begins voting on a new Secretary General. Who will become the next leader during what proves to be a challenging time for the maritime community? Lloyd's List has a page dedicated to the election. Who's in the running?

            Candidate                                Government 
  • Mr. Lee Sik Chai                        Republic of Korea 
  • Mr. Andreas Chrysostomou       Republic of Cyprus 
  • Mr. Neil Frank Ferrer                 Republic of the Philippines 
  • Mr. Jeffrey Lantz                        United States of America 
  • Mr. Esteban Pacha Vicente        Kingdom of Spain 
  • Mr. Koji Sekimizu                     Japan
Mr. Jeffrey Lantz is the United States nominee. Here is a bit more about Mr. Lantz. Good luck to all the candidates. Amver enjoys a wonderful relationship with the IMO and we look forward to learning who the new Secretary General will be!

Photo credit: IMO

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