Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome Wednesday!

Another week has passed and in that week a few Amver ships were diverted to search for possible vessels in distress while a handful more enrolled in the Amver system. What most people don't realize is the magnitude of shipping. Almost all of the things they touch, from the alarm clock that wakes them to the sheets they tuck under each night, come by ship.

As the Day of the Seafarer approaches we should be mindful of those at sea who risk their lives not only to save lives, but face every day dangers to make sure we have our iPads, Nike shoes, and Blue Ray players.

Help us welcome the latest members of the Amver team:

  •          DESERT CALM            
  •          NYK FUTAGO             
  •          BALTIC KLIPPER         
  •          DE PING HAI            
  •          BROVIG CIERZO          
  •          YANGZHOU DAYANG DY3036 
  •          JOSHUA CHOUEST         
  •          DEEP CONSTRUCTOR       
  •          C ELEPHANT             
  •          QI LIN ZUO             
  •          HOS SUPER H            
  •          SUNNY ROYAL            
  •          CORONA BULKER          
  •          PACIFIC DIAMOND        
  •          MAERSK EVORA           
  •          TEN JIN MARU           
  •          STAR VOYAGER           
  •          IKAN SAGAI             
  •          SPYROS K               
  •          MAKO                   
  •          JO LYNN TIDE           
  •          BERLIN BRIDGE          
  •          GARY CHOUEST           
  •          PALLAVI C              
  •          DIYYINAH - I           
  •          YAMILAH - III          
  •          SEABULK WISCONSIN      
  •          OCEAN PROJECT          
  •          RAS GHUMAYS - I        
  •          ABU AL ABYAD            
Also, don't forget about the Amver podcast, the Quarterdeck!

Photo credit: Fotolia

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