Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crisis Communications

With rare exception, about the only time you hear about ships in the news is when something has gone terribly wrong. Recognizing the fact that bad things do happen, The Baltic Exchange is offering its members a crisis communications course in Athens, Greece in February.

What can you expect in the program?

The course will provide an understanding and appreciation of how the media react to a maritime incident and present an outline of the tools and techniques available to protect the reputation of the company involved.

The course will be held 1030-1330, followed by lunch.

Session 1 - how the media reacts to a maritime crisis
Session 2 - case study: MSC Napoli
Session 3 - how social media has changed the rules of engagement
Session 4 - practical exercises: responding to the media

Not just for crisis

Strategic communications shouldn't be limited to crisis response. Consider what happens when an Amver participant makes a rescue? We try and share the story with the media, we often request pictures and video from you (the ship or shipping company) and we submit vessels for special awards. We'll also issue a press release. Sadly, many shipping companies are reluctant to share their good news stories with us.

We hope you recognize the importance of sharing the good, as well as managing the bad.

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