Thursday, January 31, 2013

MARAD advisory for East China Sea

The U.S. Maritime Administration has issued Maritime Advisory 2013-02 to maritime interests in the area of the South China Sea. According to the release there is a frequent presence in the East China Sea south of 30 degrees north latitude of Chinese and Japanese maritime law enforcement or military ships and aircraft. Mariners are warned to avoid any activity by those vessels.

MARAD notes there have been no disruption of normal maritime activity in the area, but cites numerous sources indicating the potential for disruptions to commercial maritime interests exists.

U.S. flagged vessels are advised to immediately report incidents to the COMPACFLT OPCONCEN PEARL HARBOR HI (1) 808-471-3291/5200; NAVCOMTELSA GUAM 671-355-5513/5326/5327/5328; NAVCOMTELSTA FAR EAST 81-311-743-7510; COGARD COMMSTA KODIAK AK (1) 907-487-5778.

While MARAD Advisories are sent to U.S. maritime interests, all Amver participants should consider the information and take appropriate action.

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