Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maritime Administration Advisory: Iranian Navel Exercise

The Maritime Administration released an advisory alerting U.S. Flagged ships, and other maritime interests, of the potential for a possible disruption to shipping in conjunction with an upcoming Iranian Naval exercise in the vicinity of the Straight of Hormuz.

According to Advisory 2013-01, the possibility exists that Iran will attempt to conduct boardings and inspections during exercises with limited warnings before commencing the exercise.

If a U.S. Flagged vessel is hailed for boarding by the Iranian Navy, the ship's master should "protest but comply", if circumstances warrant. Furthermore, U.S. Flagged vessels are advised to immediately report incidents to the COMUSNAVCENT BATTLEWATCH CAPTAIN (Maritime Operations Center) at 011-973-1785-3879 and MARLO Bahrain at 011-973-3940-1395.

Amver vessels should also take note of this advisory.

For further information is available by email from MARAD at maradsecrity@got.gov.

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