Friday, July 24, 2009

Amver Recognizes Australia

Earlier this week the HMAS Syndey and HMAS Ballarat steamed into New York City as part of Operation Northern Trident. The Australian Royal Navy ships, accompanied by the USS Mahan, are in New York as a reciprocal visit to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Great White Fleet.

What does the arrival of Australian Navy ships have to do with Amver? The visit serves as an opportunity to recognize the Australian government for our strong partnership. Amver and Australia have an information sharing agreement where Australia's regional version of Amver, known as the Australian Ship Reporting System, AUSREP for short, allows participants to have their vessel position reports sent to Amver at no charge. Amver allows ships to have their position reports be sent to AUSREP.

Does it work?

Amver and AUSREP began sharing information in May, 2000. By 2008 over 94,000 vessel positions were shared. Today, approximately 360 messages are shared every day. This is one of the reasons the Amver plot has been at record highs.

Australia does more than share vessel traffic. Australian ships also participate in the Amver system. In 2008, 20 ships representing 9 companies earned Amver awards. There were a combined total of 142 years of participation by the award recipients.

Recent Example

Australian rescue authorities recently requested Amver data to assist in the search for a vessel in distress in the Tasman Sea. The case resulted in two lives saved.

Mr. Benjamin Strong, Amver Director, was pleased to present a framed Amver pennant to Mr. Phillip Scanlan, Australian Consul General, on July 21, 2009 to recognize Australia's support of the Amver system.

Amver Presentation

We are proud of the relationship we share with Australia. We wish the Syndey and Ballarat fair winds and following seas as they complete their mission. Are you an Australian merchant mariner participating in Amver? Tell us what you think.

Photo credit: USCG photo by Beverly Howard

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