Monday, July 13, 2009


Trust and Protest

The foundation of Amver is trust. Commercial shipping companies trust we won't compromise their vessel movements, rescue authorities trust we will share accurate information with them, and mariners trust we will save them when they are in distress.

There is an interesting new book, authored by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, called Trust Agents. The book focuses on marketing and relationship building. Want to learn more? Check out their Trust Agents fan page. What does that have to do with Amver? Amver is in the business of relationship building. We trust you will enroll your ships, you trust us with your vessel information.

At Amver we work hard to use the internet to expand our network, increase participation, and share valuable search and rescue data. We have this incredible product, the Amver surface picture, that we want international search and rescue authorities to request.

Do you trust us?

Photo credit: uploaded to Flickr by yewenyi

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