Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let Amver Serve You

I love PR (public relations)

Many people know Amver as the voluntary international search and rescue program. Our customers include shipping companies, search and rescue authorities, and survivors. Another customer we have, and one often forgotten by the shipping community, is the media.

We are excited to tell your stories of daring rescues. Photos, video, rescue summaries all help us share the good news about shipping. Many other websites use our information to continue telling the Amver (and your) story.

In The Shadows

For some reason the shipping community likes stay out of the limelight. We will be the first to agree that getting "good news" shipping stories in the media is challenging. That challenge, however, should be embraced rather than ignored. When a ship is in the news it doesn't always have to be about a grounding, sinking, or violation. Over 60 Amver participating vessels have diverted this year to answer a call for help. Over 190 lives have been saved. We need to work together to share these stories.

5 Steps You Can Take To Help

How can you help us share the good news?
  1. If possible, take photos and video of rescue operations
  2. Email any rescue photos/video you take to Benjamin Strong, Director of Amver Maritime Relations
  3. Send a photo of your ship to Benjamin Strong, Director of Amver Maritime Relations
  4. Provide a brief summary of the rescue
  5. Feel free to use Amver press releases in your own marketing and public relations efforts
Why should you send them to us? Because you will see them here on the Amver blog. You will also see your story on our other sites such as Youtube and Flickr as well. News sites, such as Tradewinds, Lloyd's List, and Safety at Sea International often print Amver stories.

Will you help us share your story?

Photo credit: uploaded to Flickr by JerrySilfwer

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