Thursday, July 2, 2009

Greek Amver Tanker Rescues 2 Near Bermuda

An Amver participating Greek tanker was diverted as part of an international search and rescue effort for two sailors reportedly in distress over 600 miles northeast of Bermuda June 21, 2009

The sailors, one American and one Briton, were on a voyage to the Azores when they encountered trouble and activated a SPOT hand-held emergency communications device. SPOT personnel notified United States Coast Guard rescue authorities who immediately checked the Amver system for available ships.

Race To Assist

The Astro Saturn, a Greek flagged tanker, was diverted to rescue the two sailors on the 33 foot sailboat, Maelstrom. Coast Guard rescue personnel also turned to international rescue authorities to help located the sailing duo.

Captain Michail Eleftheriadis turned his fully loaded tanker, operated by Maran Tanker Management of Athens, Greece, towards the distress location. Captain Eleftheriadis reported the weather conditions were severe with winds blowing in excess of 20 knots and seas at Force 5.

The M/T Astro Saturn providing a lee for the disabled S/V Maelstrom.


The Astro Saturn made radio contact with the Maelstrom and began planning the rescue. Captain Eleftheriadis maneuvered the Aframax tanker alongside the sailboat and his crew began rescue operations by lowering a pilot ladder to the survivors. "Once we had the two sailors safely aboard the tanker we left the sailboat adrift," stated Captain Eleftheriadis.

Survivors from the S/V Maelstrom are escorted aboard the M/T Astro Saturn after a rescue over 600 miles northeast of Bermuda.

The Astro Saturn reported the survivors were in good health and spirits. They were transported to Freeport, Bahamas and disembarked.

How would you survive a rescue at sea? You can learn more here. Learn what Mario Vittone has to say about emergency beacons here.

Have you been rescued? Share your story with us.

Photo credit: crew of the M/T Astro Saturn

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