Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1962, Amver in review

Originally printed in the Amver Bulletin, December, 1962.

We are often tempted to measure the success of Amver by the number of newly participating vessels and by the number of Surface Pictures furnished. In 1962 for example, an analysis of our statistics indicates the following breakdown:
  • New participants 323
  • Surface Pictures furnished 939
However, Surface Pictures are but a means to an end-the safety of life and property at sea; and increases in participation are really not as significant as the result of this participation-lives saved. During the past year [1962], Atlantic Merchant VEssel Report (AMVER) System participants provided assistance to or saved the lives of approximately 224 people.

Specifically, these people were assisted in the following situations:
  • MEDICO 28
  • Aircraft Distress 48
  • Disabled or Missing Surface Vessel 148
This figure, more than any other, makes worthwhile the unselfish voluntary support given by the world's merchant marine to the maritime mutual assistance program. The stories of the 54 passengers saved at ANGLO MAERSK/OWFK sinking, a life or death operation for a seaman from GYLFE/JXDB, two ailing Coast Guardsmen evacuated from Ocean Station DELTA/4YD, 29 rescued from MV HOPEDALE, 7 survivors of the Greek freighter CAPTAIN GEORGE/SVTY, and 48 survivors of the Flying Tigers airliner ditching, are highlights of a year in which all hands should take pride.

We sure have come a long way since 1962! Amver achieved an all time high of 3,809 ships on plot in 2009, enrolled 1,417 ships and saved 237 lives.

Are you an Amver veteran? Tell us your stories!

Photo credit: Amver/USCG historical photo

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