Monday, March 8, 2010

Piracy or terrorism?

The lines between piracy and terrorism were blurred this week when the Singapore Navy received a warning that terror groups would be targeting oil or product tankers in the Malacca Straights.

The Malacca Straights is a region familiar with piracy, although the incidents of piracy in the Straight have been on the decline. Many Amver ships transit the Malacca Straight and we urge you to follow precautions previously outlined by the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has also testified about its efforts in fighting piracy around the Horn of Africa.

This latest threat, however, is a bit different that outright piracy. It seems the thugs threatening shipping in Singapore are intent on either destroying an oil tanker or making us quake in our boots over the threat of an oil tanker being destroyed.

What's your take on this threat? Is it credible? Does it reignite the debate on carrying armed guards on ships?

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