Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amver from the archives

Here is a great story originally published in the March 1967 Amver Bulletin.

An ill engineer aboard the British refrigerated cargo ship ROCKHAMPTON STAR resulted in the ship's asking for a list of doctor ships in the area so she could arrange a transfer. The vessel, outbound from the Pacific from the Panama Canal, reported to Coast Guard New York on February 24 that she had been receiving medical advice from the surgeon on board the British liner GOTHIC. However, his condition, suspected kidney trouble, had worsened until a transfer to a doctor ship seemed wise. An Amver surface picture predicted the British cargo ship RANGITANE to be about 400 miles away, on an east north east course toward Balboa. Arrangements were made between the two ships, and they altered their courses so a redezvous was made late the following day. The ill engineer was transferred to the doctor ship without mishap.

We hope you enjoyed this story from the past!

Photo credit: bluestarline.org

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