Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sailing yacht California photos and update


Last week we blogged about the rescue of Clive Cockram and crew from the disabled sailing yacht California. The Amver participating Nord Nightingale performed the rescue at night during difficult sea conditions.

The Nord Nightingale provided some photos and an updated rescue summary we would like to share.

The Nord Nightingale used their MOB (Man Overboard Boat) to rescue Mr. Cockram on March 22, 2010. According to Captain Morten Helers, Master of the Nord Nightingale, Cockram was a bit unstable on his feet when brought aboard the Danish flagged tanker.


Radio Medical Denmark provided medical advice via satellite to the crew of the Nightingale as they attended to Mr. Cockram's wounds. Vital signs were checked and Mr. Cockram was given medication to prevent infection and the wound was cleaned.

In addition to the medical treatment, Mr. Cockram had an opportunity to clean up and eat a hearty meal. According to the ship's crew, by morning "... he was [in] a really good mood, didn't feel any pain [and] was just hungry."

Pictured from left to right Third Officer S. Olesen, Dennis Flynn, Chief Officer C. Bie, Clive Cockram

Thankfully the Nord Nightingale was enrolled in the Amver system. Your ship could be next to rescue someone in distress at sea. It's not just yachtsmen that require assistance. Amver vessels have been called on to search for aviation accidents and other maritime emergencies.

Will you enroll?

Photo credit: all photos courtesy of the crew of the Nord Nightingale

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