Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome Wednesday!

Who's still thinks it can't happen to them? Is it you? Perhaps you, over there, with your head down. The bottom line is that the next maritime emergency could happen right.... now. Want to be part of an organization that is available to help rescue people in such emergencies? Enroll your ships in Amver and boom- you're part of the solution. Help us welcome 20 more ships that have agreed to help if necessary.

  •          CERBA                   
  •          ROSCO PALM              
  •          WADI FERAN              
  •          MCP ADAMAS              
  •          CELIA                   
  •          MORNING GLORY           
  •          AU CO 01                
  •          MAERSK ELBA             
  •          MARITIME TAESHIO        
  •          BANI YAS                
  •          JIANG JIE               
  •          DIAMOND STAR            
  •          CLIPPER GLORY           
  •          FODAS PESCADORES        
  •          ADRIATICBORG            
  •          BC SAN FRANCISCO        
  •          MSC ESTHI               
  •          HANJIN GERMANY          
  •          MEGACORE PHILOMENA      
  •          DHT PHOENIX            
Photo credit: Fotolia

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