Monday, March 21, 2011

Were any Amver ships damaged in the Japanese tsunami?

Search-and-Rescue Workers Arrive in Ofunato [Image 1 of 23]

The Maritime Bulletin has a good list of vessels sunk or damaged in last week's tsunami. We checked to see how many were enrolled in Amver.

List of vessels sunk or damaged in Japan
  • CORAL RING, IMO number 9337092, was damaged while discharging coal at Onahama. All crew reported safe. An Amver participant.
  • SHIROUMA, IMO number 9181895, ran aground near Haramati. The crew is safe. An Amver participant.
  • C.S. VICTORY, IMO number 9266140, was in Ishinomali when the tsunami struck and sank in shallow water in the harbor. An Amver participant.
  • CHINASTEEL INTEGRITY, IMO number 9266140, pushed aground in Kashima when tsunami struck. An Amver participant.
  • ASIA SYMPHONY, IMO number 9178070, was washed onto the road along the shore of Kamaishi by the tsunami. Not an Amver participant.
  • GLOVIS MERCURY, IMO number 8907307, was washed up on shore in Sendai, Japan due to tsunami. Not an Amver participant.
  • KHRIZOLITOVIY, IMO number 8730481, while in Ofunato port was grounded and dragged back to sea in the tsunami. Several crew injured. Not an Amver participant.
  • VESSEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, ship with 80 crew/workers washed out to sea but all crew were rescued. Not yet enrolled in Amver.
  • KOSHIN MARU, IMO Number 9222728, presumed grounded or sank. Not an Amver participant.
  • EMU ARROW, IMO Number 9144392, discharging cargo in port of Kashima when it collided with other ships but remained afloat. An Amver participant.
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