Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Will the Portfire 40 winner please step forward?

We are happy to announce the first Porfire 40 winner! What is Portfire 40? We announced Ryan Skinner's Shipcrunch initiative to recognize influential personalities in shipping a few months ago. The votes have been tallied and yesterday Ryan announced the winner, an elusive Wikipedia editor known as Haus.

Why was Haus chosen? Because he has reportedly edited over 37,000 maritime Widipedia articles. That's certainly qualifies him for some sort of recognition. Sadly Haus isn't available to comment on his achievement or accept his award because he is underway; hopefully on an Amver enrolled ship! 

Congratulations to Haus for becoming the first inductee in the Portfire 40. Amver was proud to contribute and vote on the winner.

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