Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Women at sea

If you're in the New York area Wednesday March 30, 2011 you might be interested in the Working Harbor Committee's Women At Sea program. The program will include a screening of the film Shipping Out, The Story of America's Seafaring Women and a panel discussion from several notable maritime women including U.S. Coast Guard Captain Linda Fagan, Commander of Sector New York (and friend of Amver).

Are there women contributing to Amver? You bet there are! In fact, here is a photo taken at the 2010 Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus Amver awards ceremony in Athens, Greece. Pictures is  U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Cari Thomas, (third from left) with Chief Officer Christina Tzouganatou from the Tsakos owned ship Andes.


Amver salutes all women in shipping. Want to read more about women in shipping? Take a look at the Coast Guard Compass for a recap of the Women's Leadership Symposium. Happy Women's History Month!

Photo credit: Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus



Dear Mr. Strong,

I would like to thank you on behalf of all of us for your kind words of recognition of Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus and its contribution to AMVERreabi and to seafarers safety. We want to reassure the USCG and the world mariners society, that we shall always be supportive and working towards the humanitarian cause of saving a life, irrespective of nationality.

Despina Foros-Tsirozidis
Secretary General

The International Propeller Club
of the United States, International Port of Piraeus

Amver Maritime Relations said...

Thank you so much for the support of the Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus! Your contributions to safety at sea set an example for the world.

We are also glad we were able to highlight the women in shipping and for women like you who promote all the positive aspects of shipping.

Best regards,
The Amver Team