Friday, February 19, 2010

Admiral Allen's State of the Coast Guard Address and what it means for Amver

On Friday February 12th United States Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Thad Allen gave his final State of the Coast Guard address at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Admiral Allen focused on three issues-

  1. The United States Coast Guard budget request for fiscal year 2011
  2. Coast Guard modernization
  3. And the state of the aging cutter fleet

Admiral Allen also made an interesting statement. You can take the entire active duty Coast Guard workforce and fit them in the local Washington, DC professional baseball stadium. Despite this small force, the United States Coast Guard maintains a readiness and ability to answer any call for help.

Many of you are wondering how this affects the merchant seaman, the Amver participant. Quite frankly we are relying on you to help us save lives. Things really aren't any different than they have been. We have relied on your help to save lives for 52 years and you have performed a stellar job. But with today's aging Coast Guard fleet and the increase in our mission we need you now more than ever. You have answered the call by enrolling in greater numbers than last year.

Keep up the good work. Keep enrolling and reporting. More Amver awards were earned in 2009 than in the history of the program. This is proof that you understand your ability to have a positive impact on search and rescue within the United State's search and rescue region and around the world.

Because of you Admiral Allen was able to confidently say the United States Coast Guard is ready and resilient. Continue the tradition and enroll your vessel today.

Photo credit: USCG photo by PA3 Victoria Bonk-Myers

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