Friday, February 26, 2010

Maritime social media

There have been some updates to the maritime social media scene. James Tweed recently released an iPhone app offering up the top 40 maritime tweeters. Ryan Skinner also wrote an interesting post about the state of social media in the maritime sector.

How does Amver stack up in the social media department? Well we were recognized by the Marketing Over Coffee team with a 2009 Marketing Over Coffee award, we have launched our own iPhone application and we are in the top 40 of maritime tweeters. Additionally, we posted the first pictures of the Concordia rescue. We are doing pretty good I suppose! Come see us in action at the Connecticut Maritime Association Shipping 2010 conference in Stamford, Conn. March 22-24. We'll be tweeting and blogging from CMA.

How are you incorporating social media in your workspace?

Photo credit: Fotolia

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