Monday, February 15, 2010

Amver wins Marketing Over Coffee Award!

If you haven't seen the tweet we sent out Thursday morning then perhaps you don't know that Amver is a winner of one of the 2009 Marketing Over Coffee Awards given by marketing experts John Wall and Christopher S. Penn.

What is a Marketing Over Coffee Award? According to the MOC website, the Marketing Over Coffee Awards "... honor those who have done exemplary work in Marketing over the past year. Often the winners sit at the intersection of Marketing and Technology, having identified a future trend and put it to work." Wall and Penn must have felt our use of new media to engage a wide range of consumers worthy of recognition. The Marketing Over Coffee team isn't the only group to identify Amver as a new media user to watch. So has Ryan Skinner on his blog.

The competition was quite stiff and we are proud to be honored with the likes of
In an email to the award recipients John Wall said "We started these awards with tongue and cheek... but something happened along the way. They were given to people who we think are doing great work-either executing perfectly, or more likely trying something that's never been done before in their space, or even more extreme- taking a chance on something no one has done before." ( like our iPhone app!)

Thank you John and Chris. We appreciate the recognition. Congratulations to all the recipients. I hope our success encourages other shipping companies to excel in their space as well. You can start by enrolling in Amver (shameless enrollment plug).

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