Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Will we see you at CMA Shipping 2010?

It's that time again. Time for the shipping community to look towards Stamford, Conn. Time for the movers and shakers in shipping; owners, charterers, captains, regulators, and Coastguards to head to the biggest little shipping conference in the United States (or so they say). What are we talking about? Why the Connecticut Maritime Association Shipping 2010 conference, that's what.

Amver will be exhibiting again this year. We will be in booth G-104, on the corner, same spot as last year. We can't wait to see our old friends and make new ones. Interestingly there will be plenty of people who now have a place in social media. Look for:
Who else is using new media to reach consumers? It's hard to say. Perhaps even more shipping concerns will be using new media by the end of the conference. If you want to follow what's going on you can stay tuned to the Amver blog or follow the conference on Twitter. We are still working up a hashtag for the event. It seems #cma is used in the real estate sector. What do you think? Should we use #cma, #shipping2010, #cma2010? What about a tweetup or other type of social media gathering?

What will you be doing at Shipping 2010?

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Anonymous said...

See you there! Shaping up to be a good show, yet again.

Mike Schuler