Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Maritime Media Evolving?

Ryan Skinner recently posted a piece on his blog about maritime media and advertorial shipping magazines. His follow up piece describes how current maritime media advertisers need to chose between "... a dying paradigm they understand, and a lively paradigm they don't."

Skinner believes media will have no choice but to change, to evolve with the times. At Amver we recognized the world of information sharing was changing, which is why we launched the Amver blog and other new media products.

What's funny is that some people have been trumpeting this change for some time now. Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels of Separation, calls what people are looking for "snackable content". We think he may be on to something. In a soundbite world there seems to be a desire for shorter, more relevant content geared for mobile readers. Heck, even Amver has joined the mobile trend with an iPhone application available on iTunes.

How has the proliferation of online media changed the way you consume information or advertise? How do you read your favorite maritime trade journals? How will you advertise in the future?
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