Friday, February 5, 2010

Amver By The Numbers

The year in review

2009 was a good year for Amver. You can read the entire business summary and see the 2009 Amver certificate count as well. But what do all these numbers mean?

Take a look at this chart. We have superimposed the average number of ships on the Amver plot from 2003 to 2009. The Amver plot has increased from 2,788 ships on plot per day to 3,617 while the number of vessels earning Amver awards has increased from 3,887 to 5,549 for the same period. Look at the green line. That line represents the world's fleet of ships over 100 gross tons registered with Lloyd's Register Fairplay.

What we find most interesting is that despite a significant drop in the number of ships in the world's fleet, Amver participation continued to steadily increase. Does that mean Amver is growing in worldwide acceptance? We certainly hope so.

Taking a closer look at last year we continued to see growth. 1,417 ships enrolled in Amver in 2009, down 179 ships from 2008. Despite this drop the number of vessels reporting to Amver increased by 196 per day. In fact, the average daily plot increased from 3,421 ships in 2008 to 3,617 in 2009.

The net result of these numbers was 237 lives saved. That's the reason we continually recruit and reward ships for enrolling in the system. So sailors disabled and adrift near Madagascar, refugees adrift near Spain, or yachtsmen capsized hear Cape Horn can be saved and reunited with their families.

Who are these mariners? They are Greeks, Norwegians, American, Iranians, Chinese, Japanese, and hundreds of other countries committed to saving lives at sea. They are crews of cruise ships, fishing vessels, LNG carriers and Ro/Ro ships that willingly divert into a storm to rescue a hapless sailor.

So log onto the Amver enrollment page and get your ships signed up. Download the user's manual and start reporting today. If you already subscribe to a commercial fleet management program like Pole Star, you can begin reporting automatically by asking your customer service rep to ensure your messages are forwarded to Amver. Subscribe to a service other than Pole Star? Let us know who the company is in the comments section and perhaps we can strike a deal with them too. Does your company have an internal automatic reporting scheme? Let us know about that and perhaps we can get our technical team working with yours to automate the process.

Not interested in participating? Feel free to contact us to see if we can better explain the system and help you make an informed decision about Amver.

Graphic credit: Amver staff members Vjollca Nikci and Beverly Howard

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